Tricks to raise twins


Today we are going to tell you some great Tricks to raise twins. We know that twins are a huge problem! It’s double! Diapers, Bottles, flu, crying, tantrums! But it can become easier with some tips! Look! Also, have a look at our previous posts, such as trendy names for girls in 2016 and trendy names for boys in Europe. I also suggest you have a look at the great face painters to your parties. 

Having two babies at the same time is hilarious, but also a lot of work! The questions are almost endless. How will be my relationship with them? Will they be similar? How will I do when I’m alone with them? Will I hold handle two babies at the same time?

Best Tricks to raise twins

Having twins requires some preparation before their arrival! If having a baby requires time to prepare his arrival, two babies require even more! In fact, take care of them will steal you a lot of time, so it is not advisable to leave things to chance. That’s why we have a few Tricks to raise twins!


This is the biggest secret of all! If you are breastfeeding, remember to take note of the time of feedings of each of the twins in the baby book.

Also, take note the times when each falls asleep, what time changed the diaper, and other things that may be important to be able to maintain some routine.tricks-raise-twins

This book will serve as your second brain!

You can breastfeed to both at the same time, you may need help, or may choose to breastfeed one at a time, alternating the order for everyone to be the first to breastfeed equally.

But wait, you have some more Tricks to raise twins. 

Invest in some practical equipment

If you have not yet made the investment in some equipment, do it! Cloth driers, diaper changes, bath table, baby seats and double stroller.

Do a search because there are some stores that offer discounts to twins.

Ask for help!

Do not hesitate to ask for help! Hire a nanny, babysitter, housekeeper, or ask your parents or your in-laws.

If you need some shopping, nowadays there are already online supermarkets that make deliveries to domicile! Life is much easier, is not?

I am sure with our Tricks to raise twins your life will be much easier! best tricks to raise twins

A unique relationship

Remember that the twins create a special bond, which is in no way comparable with the bonds of other brothers. This relationship was built on the mother’s belly, and it is very normal that babies are very close to each other.

They will simultaneously through the same stages of development, and so very often you will see imitation.

It will be very common that both want the same thing. One grabs a toy, the other also wants. They are always together, and the truth is that they need to be, because it reassures them. Therefore do not separate them too early!

So, follow our Tricks to raise twins and make sure you raise happy and healthy children! 

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