Trendy names for girls in 2016

best trendy names for girls in 2016

Check Trendy names for girls in 2016 and choose the best name for your little baby that is coming this year! There are great ideas for you! Do not believe me? Have a look! Do not forget to read our previous posts, such as the arrival of a baby:prepare your home and hair styles for babies and toddlers

So, are you in doubt about your baby girl’s name? We have some good options for you! Have a look at our list of trendy names for girls in 2016. They will be crazily popular!

Trendy names for girls in 2016 – Choose the best one! 

Choosing the name of our child is always something very difficult. In fact, the name is something that defines us and is with us for the rest of life. It is therefore very important that you choose a name that is beautiful and has personality traits that you like.

If you do not even know what name to give to your child, then you can get some ideas of our list of trendy names for girls in 2016.


This name is one of the names that most popularity has won. A name with a royal touch, Scandinavian, meaning “divinely beautiful.” There is no doubt it is an excellent name for a beautiful and powerful girl!


This name is inspired by the Greek Titan Theia, and so connected to the mythology. If you are looking for a divine name of a goddess, then this is right for you! Bring vision and light to your home!best trendy names for girls in 2016


This name is a nickname for Sarah, but much more fun. So if you want to redefine the meaning of princess, which is the meaning of the name Sarah, Sadie is a simply jovial name!


Did you think that this name was only for boys? No way! Girls can also use it! It’s an Irish name and means brave. Is not it great?


How about a variation of the name Elizabeth? A royal name is always a great idea, but if you want to give a softer touch, then Elise is a good option. There is no doubt this is one of the trendy names for girls in 2016.


If you do not like Elise, what about Elsie? It is also a variant of the name Elizabeth, but with another beat. If you did not like the first variant, you can always try this!


This name is Gaelic and means “fair-haired warrior.” No doubt it is an excellent choice for a strong girl full of personality!trendy-name-for-girls-2016


I love this name! I always remember Aladin! If you want a majestic and precious name, this is the perfect name for you! You also have Giada and Jada alternatives. Will be hot this year!


This is one of my favourites, especially by having several meanings depending on the language in which it is used. For example, in Sanskrit means immortal, but in Italian means bitter. And guess what? In Portuguese, it is pluperfect of the verb love. Is not it great?

What do you think about these trendy names for girls in 2016? I am sure you loved one, didn’t you?

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