Reading with your kids

reading with your kids advantages

Reading with your kids can make a huge difference in your child’s development. In this post, you will find out how reading with your children can benefit their results at school, as well as in their social life. Also, have a look at our previous posts about education through theatre for kids and learn about life through your kids

Reading is very important for the development of your child. So it is so important to encourage our children to read, for them to have pleasure in this practice.reading with kids

We can not forget that reading is a synonym for learning, but it is also a way to take us to unknown worlds, a way to travel without leaving the site, and is a way of being accompanied, even when we are alone.

Reading with your kids: Advantages


Reading with your kids is just one way to make them get that pleasure in the reading.

Reading has, among many other advantages, the power to form our faculties, and makes us discover ourselves, have new ideas, to feel inspired. Reading is, moreover, the first means for intellectual life.

For this same reason, the reading habit must be acquired from an early age. This is where comes the role of parents.

read with your kidsParents who read usually have children who read. Therefore, always set an example to your child and show him who you take pleasure in reading.

One of the first ways to help your child to take pleasure in picking up a book is to make this moment a moment of pleasure. So, try reading an excerpt from a story to your child at bedtime. They will always associate reading to a time when they are with you, to share the same emotions.

The problem is that most parents stop reading to their child as he learns to read. Reading with your kids should be a moment to extend beyond their literacy.

Of course, you will not read a book to him, but you can read along with him, or hear the story that your child is telling.reading with your kids advantages

The idea here is not to end the ritual but change the ritual. You can opt to choose more bulky and complex books to read over the weekend, or can read a sentence each, or a chapter each. The important thing is to continue to share this very special time with the child.

The truth is that children still need the parents’ support for the transition from children’s stories books for more “adult” books, is made smoothly.reading with your kids benefits

Reading with your kids will let you connected forever, because you will always be aware of your child’s interests, and can also exchange ideas together.

This habit will make, even when your children are adults, have the need to talk to you when finished reading a book they like. You can even exchange books among you, share ideas, emotions, discuss novels and authors.

There is no doubt that reading with your kids is the most beautiful way of connecting with them!

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