How to monitor childhood obesity

how to monitor childhood obesity in early ages

Don’t you know how to monitor childhood obesity? In this post you are going to find everything you need to know to prevent your child’s obesity. Hope I can help you. Also, have a look at our previous posts on raising kids in the beach and when to get my kids first videogame. They can be very useful for you too. 

Childhood obesity can affect the lives of children for the rest of their lives, their health may be compromised forever, and it is associated with obesity in adulthood, as well as to a variety of health problems that result from being overweight.monitoring-childhood-obesity

So we should fully understand the causes and consequences of childhood obesity in order to prevent it, as fast as possible. And that’s why we need to know how to monitor childhood obesity.

How to monitor childhood obesity? Check some tips

In recent decades, childhood obesity has been growing exponentially and has become a very worrying phenomenon social level.

To have an exact idea, the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey found that the percentage of obese children, from 2 to 5 years of age was 10.4%, against 5% three decades ago, being that the percentage of children at risk of obesity was about to monitor childhood obesity in early ages

This shows how important is to know how to monitor childhood obesity. 


Some of the factors that leave children more likely to have overweight or become obese children in these ages are the follows:

  • Born with low birth weight, as well as a fragile recovery of growth
  • Maternal smoking
  • Maternal diabetes
  • Mother overweight before and during pregnancy
  • Lack of breastfeeding

Given these factors, one of the ways to prevent childhood obesity is to educate mothers in order to prevent them from committing one of the serious mistakes I have told you earlier. Note that the best prevention is always the information.

However, if you have been a father and your son is at risk of obesity group, see how to monitor childhood obesity.monitor-childhood-obesity

The first thing is to be very careful with the food. Teaching early your child to eat well, and showing him the importance of having balanced meals, and what the functions of each nutrient / food, so that later he can make the right choices alone.

For this, the examples are central. You should always have your dish well-balanced, with plenty of vegetables, avoid red meats, and give preference to vegetable protein in most meals.

Also avoid fried and baked, opting for grilled and boiled. Note that the choice of fat for grilling is very important, so avoid butter, and give preference to coconut oil and olive oil.

Do not forget to include physical exercise in your routine activities. Show how it can be fun playing a sport, either individual or group. Get up in the morning to take a walk, roam together, instead of driving to the grocery store, take a walk.

Now that you know how to monitor childhood obesity do not forget to take the right choices!

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