Learn about life through your kids

learning about life through your kid

Do you know you can learn about life through your kids? What do you know that your children know and you have forgotten? Do you see your son more courageous, more confident and lively than you? Do you spend your life trying to bring again what you were as a child? Let´s see if that is good or not. Don’t forget to read our posts about benefits of early reading lessons and how to choose the best kindergarten for your kids

10 lessons: Learn about life through your kids


Take a look at these 10 lessons and Learn about life through your kids!

learn about life through your kids : 10 lessons

Every day is a fresh start

It´s easy to believe that next day is another day and that we can clean everything and have a new start. At the end of a day you feel tired and children sees the end of a day an eternity, but the following day is always a new start and they use it as a fresh day or a fresh phrase. Do it as well!

Creative pursuits

They can be as fun for you as they are good too. When we take effort in what we do we achieve things and we feel happiness, this is what children do, do it too!

We lose our creativity along the years especially if we aren’t artists and we don´t paint things, but you see your child so meticulously painting and drawing why you won´t do the same?

It´s pleasant and peaceful you can leave stress behind and feel creative as a child and learn about life through your kids.

Be courageous

Sing aloud, dance always you feel like to, embrace your life don´t be intimidated, or feel failed. When we start being adults we lose our courage for things, let´s try to be as a child and march forward with determination and hope.

Children don´t do anything else so better, they are free and opened don´t be afraid of losing or making mistakes, they just enjoy life!learn about life through your kid

Laugh every time during the day

A child with a day without laughing is a waste day and could mean a disaster…

Children have the ability to find fun in everything around, they see silliness all around, look how they find fun in a shopping mall or at a park.

They enjoy life and laugh about anything, just fun! Don’t you thing you can  learn about life through your kids? 

Be active, play and dance

It will up your optimism and create new possibilities, run like a child chase your arms like you did when young, it wasn´t an exercise but it´s simply gorgeous and healthy. Don´t forget to learn about life through your kids.

Nurture friendship

Children find joy when making new friends and they just love doing it, find joy by having new contacts and making new friends, friendship can bring joy.

They love to start a new school, going to parties, play sports games…and so on.learning about life through your kid

Be the hero

Above all, be the heroine of your life and not the victim! When your son tells you a story about a pay in school they always were the hero of that story.

The world revolves around your child, and they act like that. Be the hero of your special life and feel like a queen!

Scars are badges of honour

When your kid breaks a bone he becomes the hero of the class by having survived!

When we grew up we hide our scars afraid of showing our secrets and efforts, but show them and let others see you are a courageous person, the best in the world.

Try new things

Discover oceans, if you have the aim of learning new things. While adults we are afraid of the unknown that children aren´t afraid of anything and they love trying new things and take them into their life as a gift or joy they found. Adventure awakens us and our spirit.

Notice the little things

Enjoy the little things, the very little… little things around, you will look back and realise they were the bigger things and learn about life through your kids!

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