Importance of night time stories

The Importance of night time stories

Do you know the Importance of night time stories? It’s truly important that you read stories to you child since very early and then read with your kids. Find out why here! Storytelling sessions for babies and toddlers are just great, and they love them! You might also like to have a look at our previous post about getting to know your kids personality.

I’m sure you remember your father and your mother reading stories at night when you were a kid. I’m sure it brings good memories and a nice feeling, is not it?

But do you know what is the importance of bedtime stories? Reading together is very important to your child’s success on many levels.Importance night time stories

You create a strong bond between you, but also create a special link to the story, the characters, and the lessons that can come of the story.

Read on and discover the Importance of night time stories.

Importance of night time stories: Do it always! 


One of the biggest advantages pointed out by professionals is that to always read a story at night creates a routine in children.

Nowadays, both parents and children have a busy life. It is the work, shopping, housekeeping, school, school extra activities, homework.

So, as the day ends, and reviewing all that was done, we concluded that we spend very little quality time with our children.

A good way to include a quality time together is to include routine at night, parents and children spend some time to share a story! Check in more detail the Importance of night time stories. Importance night time story

Bonding with your Child

Undoubtedly, one of the greatest benefits of the night reading is that you close your ties with your child. When you read a story together, you create a unique bond between you, and there is nothing that pays these moments.

You can discuss the characters over the course of the story, and what we can learn from the story.

It’s a great way to get to know each other and is a great opportunity for you to highlight the moral values that are important for the child to adopt.

Reading Preparedness

The Importance of night time stories also includes the fact that it is great to help your child to prepare for the reading, especially when we are talking about very young children.

Remember that the brain develops more in the early years of a child’s life, and therefore you should get to know your child so many words, sounds, and books as possible.

So when you tell a story to your child, she learns the meaning of several words and learns to pronounce them correctly.

Comprehension and Logic

The Importance of night time storiesThe Importance of night time stories goes well beyond to learn new vocabularies. The stories help develop understanding and logic, two very important elements for communication, which is also developed from reading.

So, your child begins to learn to anticipate events, to remember events in a particular sequence, learn how to make sense of real life situations. So not only helps at the school level but for all social life of your child!

You can offer your child a great new world through the books, and this is just another benefit of reading. So, hope you start now reading bedtime stories to your child to improve your child’s future! The Importance of night time stories seems like has no end! 

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