Hair styles for babies and toddlers

Hair styles for your baby and toddler

Looking for Hair styles for babies and toddlers? You couldn’t be in better place! We will give you some tips and suggestions of models of children’s hair styles for girls and boys! We have easy children’s hair styles; for different types of hair. Look! Take a look also to our articles about saving money for your kids future and the arrival of a baby:prepare your home

Children are born with very thin hair and sensitive than ours. However, leaving their hair beautiful and modern, it is not difficult, and in general, hair styles are simple and without spending Hair styles for babies and toddlers

Before showing Hair styles for babies and toddlers, I have to advert for the products we use in the hair of babies and toddlers.

Always use quality shampoos, as well as , tiaras and bonds that do not arrest in their hair, not the break.

Best Hair styles for babies and toddlers


The easiest hair styles are those who obviously do not need to do much, just let natural and put some accessory. They can be bows, tiaras, or make a ponytail with a headband for girls. For boys, just put a sailor’s hat to leave him lovely!

Hair styles for babies and toddlers – Curly Hair:

You can wear loose, or stuck in a ponytail. You can also place banners and props. Do not forget that frizzy or curly hair deserve very careful as they are embarrassments. It is best not to brush! Wash!

Comb when she washes her hair, otherwise, soak your hand and spend a combing cream so the curls stay in place.Hair styles for babies and children

Make a ponytail on each side of the head. Fix with a ribbon and make a loop. This hair style is super cute.

Another idea is to hold the hair in front and let the curls all loosened behind.

Hair styles for babies and toddlers – Braids:

Braids are a charming and easy to do hair style. The headbands or bands around their heads are up, and along with braids looks lovely!

You can opt for simple braids with an accessory to embellish, or more elaborate braids to give more volume to the girl’s hair.Hair styles for your baby

Make a braid in the style of a crown and let your girl delighted!

You can also opt for buns. They can be made of various sizes and shapes. It’s almost like a braid, and some models are fairly easy to do.

The low bun is a classic. To do this use fastener and clamps to hold it in place for longer.

The high bun is modern and daring. Make a ponytail high on her head, go arranging the wires and secure with clamps.

Hair styles for babies and toddlers – Floral wreathsHair styles for your baby and toddler

The floral wreaths are like headbands, only that are most used in festive events. A tip is to use artificial flowers because they last longer.

Straight hair can be used loose, with no special hairdo, with a crown and colourful flowers.

Did you like our ideas? Put these Hair styles for babies and toddlers into practice and let your babies simply beautiful!

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