Getting to know your kids personality

get to know your kids personality

Let’s talk about getting to know your kids personality. Not sure about how well you know your son? Don’t worry. We are going to tell you everything. If you are planning a birthday party I suggest you these clowns. They are great for kids party entertainment. Do not forget to have a look at our previous posts about reading with your kids and education through theatre for kids.

Kids change as years go by but there are ways to know what is new. In the following article, we will tell you all the secrets about how to truly know your kid even if it seems impossible!

Getting to know your kids personality: Know your child! 


It is very stressful when you get the feeling that things aren’t what they used to be, but that’s part of the process of being a parent and you shouldn’t worry much about it, though there are ways to know how much things have changed.getting to know your kids personality tips

Talking with your little one is an effective way to get to know him. Take him out for coffee or an activity where you can chat and try to be as comprehensive as you can. It is very easy and simple. Also, both of you will have a good time.

If that doesn’t work, another way you getting to know your kids personality is to play a family game where you ask questions and the other most answer to win the game.

Choose a prize he will be motivated for. You can include mimic in your game, singing, dancing, do whatever you feel he will appreciate.

My mother used to tell me that we know others by who they hang around with so why not take a look at your little one’s friends?

They can be the answer you so long for. But be careful not to make the wrong judgment. Sometimes people are not who they appear to be.get to know your kids personality

There are some other tips you can use getting to know your kids personality is by looking at how his bedroom looks like. Our personal space tells a lot about us, so take a peek to see what his little bubble has to say about him.

Of course, social media couldn’t be left behind. If you want getting to know your kids personality, you certainly need to pay attention to it. In the age of the technology, you should consider taking a look on your son’s Facebook page. People often share what they are attracted to.

So in other to know what your son is interested in you should see what pages he follows and what he shares in his timeline. Comments are very useful too.know your kids personality

Let’s not forget about the photos, they do say a lot about us too, whether we show our faces or not, if we don’t there might be a self-esteem issue or lack of trust in social media, who knows.

Never forget that you could be making the wrong judgment so get someone from the outside to help you analyze the data you collected.

But the best advice we can give you is: follow your instinct. You are the parent, and no matter how lost you feel, what you feel is mostly right.

And this is the main tips to help you getting to know your kids personality.

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