Getting ready to receive the baby

Getting ready to receive the baby can be very tough, but we have some tips to give you that will make your life a little bit easier. Check everything in this post and get ready to receive your little baby. Also, have a look at our posts about the arrival of a baby:prepare your home and trendy names for boys in EuropeContinue reading “Getting ready to receive the baby”

Education through theatre for kids

Do you want to know a little more about Education through theatre for kids? Know that theatre classes can help your child a lot. Find here all the benefits of theatre and how it helps in your child’s education. Read also our posts where we talk about: learn about life through your kids and Care and development of the two-year-old. I suggest you read this post about magicians too. They are great!  Continue reading “Education through theatre for kids”

Learn about life through your kids

Do you know you can learn about life through your kids? What do you know that your children know and you have forgotten? Do you see your son more courageous, more confident and lively than you? Do you spend your life trying to bring again what you were as a child? Let´s see if that is good or not. Don’t forget to read our posts about benefits of early reading lessons and how to choose the best kindergarten for your kidsContinue reading “Learn about life through your kids”